North Coast RoastingOur global sourcing program produces the highest quality certified organic, green coffee on the planet.
But our commitment to the craft certainly doesn’t stop there. Our small team has been hand roasting small batches of organic coffee in Santa Cruz, California for nearly two decades.

Good for the planet.


Organic coffee supports a global food system that values environmental stewardship, public health, animal welfare, biodiversity, soil fertility, ecological harmony, transparent labels, and the traceability of products without the use of toxic fertilizers or pesticides that have been linked to numerous health problems.

North Coast has been Certified Organic for more than two decades. From the farm to cup, we go to great lengths to ensure you`re getting the highest quality organic coffee in the world.


Organic coffee farmers face the same challenges as their non-organic counterparts: weeds, pests, diseases, drought, floods, and nutrient requirements. The difference is that our partners have made a conscious decision to grow coffee in a way that protects both the planet and the people.

The farmers that we support are required to use Integrated Pest Management practices, protect wildlife, promote biodiversity, and work to improve and maintain native ecosystems.