North Coast RoastingOur global sourcing program produces the highest quality certified organic, green coffee on the planet.
But our commitment to the craft certainly doesn’t stop there. Our small team has been hand roasting small batches of organic coffee in Santa Cruz, California for nearly two decades.

Good for the people.

a path out of poverty

Through our coffee buying partners and direct farmer relationships, North Coast provides financial and technical assistance to farmers and their families so that they can maximize the quality and value of their harvest.

Farmers are shown how to differentiate their coffees through varietals, processing, and careful quality control while separating them out into distinct micro lots. These farmers receive a premium price for their crop and gain access to a global supply chain that was previously not available to them.

Our partners frequently come to us with selections that are too small for traditional commercial consumption yet are just way too good to pass on.

As a result, we`re sourcing some very unique coffees not available to the average consumer.

Our closed-loop approach creates personal relationships and transparency that perpetuates a path out of poverty.

And some of the finest organic coffees in the world!